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At Senior Action, our desire is to see seniors active and healthy.  We are priviledged to bring programs that offer health and wellness activities and health education; services that provide meals, transportation and home care; and programs that encourage relationships and lifelong learning.

But these services and programs would not be possible without your support.  As a non-profit, donation-based organization, Senior Action is dependent upon the financial help of people like you to keep our outreaches going strong!  We need you to be a Champion for seniors!

Senior Action will spend thousands reaching seniors and their families this year.  The reality is that the revenues we receive from private foundations, government support, United Way and fundraising events simply do not cover the cost of all of our outreaches.

This year, Senior Action will reach seniors through…

  • Personal development and health programs (over 2,300 people participate in over 235,000 hours of programs!)
  • Daily meals served at 11 locations (over 55,000 meals served!)
  • Transportation (over 330,000 miles driven to programs as well as medical appointments and basic errands!)
  • Volunteerism (over 380 senior volunteers providing 40,000 hours of volunteer service to our community)

Please join us as a Senior Action Champion.  Help us to serve you and others like you with great programs that encourage healthy lifestyles and empower the seniors in our community.

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